We're kicking off our 2019 program with a bang!  We'll be moving to our new venue, the Parkside Centre, on SundayJanuary 27th. Our guest speaker will be Erin Rowe of 'Smart Greens', a new “container farm” located at 3369 Regional Rd 15, in Chelmsford. Its owners - Erin Rowe and Steph Lanteigne - believe indoor, contained farming is the future of northern food production. Erin is a teacher and Steph has degrees in biology and applied linguistics. They explored the idea of container farming while planning a return home to Canada after spending 12 years teaching English in South Korea. They purchased property in Chelmsford and Smart Greens-Sudbury became one of six container farms in the Smart Greens network and the first in Northern OntarioErin will tell us more about this interesting gardening technique at our meeting on January 27, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.